SELAH Group provides a comprehensive suite of testing, commissioning, system evaluation and repair, and closeout documentation preparation and management services to facilitate and bring to operation the most challenging electrical system projects

Services Include :

  • Electrical system site acceptance test planning and procedure development
  • Electrical system operations & maintenance instructions, procedures & spare parts list
  • Supervision/contract validation support of NETA Test
  • Firm or Contractors test personnel
  • Fast-track power system studies and protective device settings needed for startup
  • Factory acceptance testing to validate integrated controls & data of vendor equipment
  • Electrical system condition assessments and operational base-line testing
  • Power quality monitoring services (power factor, harmonics assessments, etc)
  • Complex automation & data acquisition system setup, testing and commissioning
    • Generator Plants & Substation Protection & Control Systems
    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for electric power systems
    • Transformer tap and regulator controls
    • Capacitor bank controls

Core Competencies :

  • Acceptance Test Plans, Procedures and Test Reports for complex electrical systems.
  • Onsite testing support, supervision, and setting validation for protective relays and protection system components
  • Onsite testing and commissioning support for SCADA, Automated Control Systems, and Building Management Systems interfaces to electrical power system.
  • Independent verification and validation to ensure systems are purchased, installed, tested, documented and operate efficiently in accordance with all contract requirements.
  • Troubleshooting and repair of electric power systems and associated protection/controls